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"Quote from Dennis Cruse"

Alan has been our go to guy at Friendswood UMC, the church we both attend and so I tapped him to replace my my roof on at my residence and glad I did. He is very hands on and was very attentive to my questions. He is a stand up guy and I trust him completely.

"Quote from Mark G"

We had to replace all the decking on my house and Roof Tech's work was impeccable. His crew hand nailed the shingles and had the job done in two days. Alan was very hands on and readily available. I would hire him again...

"Quote from Jean Struhal"

This was the second time Alan replaced my roof and I was so happy when he suggested I place a claim before they got started. He met the adjuster onsite and they accepted the roof claim, wow. Alan is very personable and his crew was very careful about the clean up process...

"Quote from Scott D."

Roof Tech reroofed my home, did a great job, had a great crew and was very hands on. I had my WPI-8 Certificate in a timely manner after completion. I was completely satisfied.

"Quote from Richard R."

Alan was able to come immediately, gave us a free estimate and did the work at a reasonable price. In fact, I have retained Roof Tech on a bi-annual basis to clean and inspect my gutters and roof.

"Quote from James J."

I have know Alan since high school and he is as honest as the day is long. He gave me a very fair price on my house job as well as my new construction project near downtown.

"Quote from Rosie K."

When my little brother needed help to get his roof on his house in The Woodlands replaced I knew exactly who to turn to. My best friend from high school is married to a roofing contractor and he worked within our very tight budget to get my brother's roof replaced with several upgrades mind you. Thank you so much Alan...